Two Little Fishies Sea Veggies Mixed Seaweed Flakes 30 grams

  • $ 13.99

SeaVeggies Mixed Seaweed Flakes – The Flakefood That's Real.

Two Little Fishies Sea Veggies Mixed Flakes Seaweed (Palmaria, Porphyra, and Ulva spp.) is the most concentrated source of the nutrition that fishes need to stay healthy, colorful, grow, and reproduce. Made from chopped natural seaweeds, nothing else. No fillers, just pure natural dried seaweed in tasty little flake-sized bits that your herbivores will devour.

Fish food for herbivorous Marine or Freshwater Fish. Chopped natural seaweeds, harvested and dried to preserve their high nutritional value. Ideal for Tangs, Angelfish, some large Butterflyfish, Cichlids, Goldfish, Plecos, and Livebearers.

Size: 30 grams

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