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The founders of Aquaforest share the passion for beautiful corals and aquariums and they want to share this passion with you the customer and aquarist. Aquaforest knows the ins and outs of marine aquariums, as they breed many interesting marine species and have their own coral farms. Aquaforest wants to provide the knowledge and the best quality products to all aquarists – beginners and advanced hobbyists – so they can create and enjoy their beautiful reef aquariums

After years of research and tests Aquaforest came up with the most efficient product formulas and they developed a unique Aquaforest Probiotic Method. As a result Aquaforest are one of few companies who can offer products that allow harvesting even the most demanding coral species. What’s more, all Aquaforest products are manufactured in the EU from carefully selected components and under strict laboratory supervision, so they meet the highest possible standards.

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