Circulation Pumps

Saltwater Aquarium Powerheads

Just like in natural reefs, water movement is critical to the health of your saltwater aquarium. Water currents not only wash away residue and waste but also oxygenate the water and deliver nutrients, keeping your marine flora and fauna healthy. Our state-of-the art selection of Rossmont Mover, Maxspect Gyre, Hydor Koralia Evolution and Aqua Top aquarium circulation pumps and reef fish tank powerheads help you simulate the natural motion of the ocean.

Wavemakers create the turbulence your system needs. Our selection from Hydor includes the new Koralia Evolution 1500 gph for small reef aquariums. At just 6 watts, its power consumption is 50 percent less than previous models, yet it delivers 20 percent more water flow. Customize your pump with the Hydor Smart Wave timer and controller to precisely regulate aquarium motion.

All of our powerheads for saltwater tanks are eligible for free shipping in the USA!