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Sera is a leading German manufacturer with over 40 years of excellence developing products for the aquarium trade. Sera makes high quality German manufactured aquarium products using the purest raw materials. Sera hails from Heinsberg, Germany where it makes high quality products for freshwater and marine aquariums, ponds and terrariums such as food, water conditioners, veterinary treatments, filter media, water test kits and much more! The Sera online lab is a free service for your aquarium where you can evaluate the water values of your aquariums and stay informed about your water quality. The Sera online lab will give you valuable clues on how to improve water quality.

ASAP Aquarium is proud to be partnered with Sera, GmbH to bring you the finest quality aquarium products to the USA market. Now you can enjoy the 40+ years of experience, research, development and German engineering that goes into these high caliber aquarium products.

Sera.... for natural aquariums.