Reef Aquarium Controllers, Timers, Feeders & Pumps

Make sure that your sensitive marine aquarium gets the 24/7 care it needs to thrive with our automated electronic control systems. From modulated fish feeding to reef aquarium air pumps and circulation pump timers, we carry the products that make saltwater aquarium maintenance manageable and efficient.

Neptune Systems is a trusted manufacturer that has built its reputation on supplying the best, most reliable reef aquarium controllers on the market. The Apex Base Unit is a miniature computer that controls all other automated devices in your marine system. Capable of storing 30 days of detailed tank data and designed for accessibility, Neptune Systems ABUs easily interface with your laptop or mobile device, so you can track data such as dissolved oxygen content, pH/ORP, tank temperature, and water salinity from remote locations.

We offer several options in electronic, automatic fish feeders, including the Lifegard Aquatics Intelli-Feed, Eheim’s Twin Fish Feeder and Hydor Ekomixo Fish Feeder. Some of these are battery-powered to ensure consistent feeding if a power outage occurs while you are away.