Test Kits

Saltwater Fish Tank Test Kits

Keeping track of chemical levels in your saltwater aquarium is critical to the health of the marine environment. Additionally, project-specific testing allows you to monitor the maturation process of your aquarium. Our complete catalog of test kits makes it easy for you to stay current on water conditions and fix emergent issues before they adversely affect your fish and other marine life.

Our selection of Red Sea test kits includes both individual and full-spectrum tests. The MCP Marine Care Test kit, for example, helps you evaluate ammonia, nitrite, alkalinity, pH and nitrate levels in your saltwater tank. Red Sea also supplies algae control tests, reef foundation test kits and potassium testing.

We carry Seachem and Elos magnesium test kits that help you determine how well your aquarium environment can support coral growth. Our extensive Seachem selection includes phosphate, calcium, iodine, copper, silicate, and iron test kits as well. Our Aquarium Pharmaceuticals kits provide a spectrum of water content tests. Trust your reef aquarium water testing with us to keep your tank healthy and vibrant for years to come.