Sera Siporax Professional 1000 ml (10.2 oz.) 15mm Filter Media with FREE BONUS Filter Biostart

  • $ 23.95

Maximum optimization of biological filtration.

The original Sera Siporax Professional 15mm is suitable for use in both freshwater and marine aquariums as well as in ponds. Regardless of the kind of filter (internal/external/trickle filter), Siporax Professional filter media maximizes the surface required for biological purification and provides the optimal substrate for the settling of necessary filter bacteria.

Includes a FREE 50ml bottle of Sera Filter Biostart purification bacteria which activates Sera Siporax Professional biologically immediately upon addition and start pollutant breakdown in the water.


Filter and breakdown processes in the bottom ground of natural waters are very important. Organic waste are processed by micro-organisms and are thus available for the natural cycle as a nutrient for aquatic plants – pollutants such as ammonium, nitrite and nitrate are removed. Since little waste per water amount is formed in nature, the present bottom surface is sufficient for housing a sufficient number of micro-organisms.

However, an aquarium accommodates a small biotope in little space. It is therefore necessary to maximally enlarge the settling area for ensuring complete and safe breakdown of organic remainders.

sera perfectly put this into practice with the unique high performance filter medium sera siporax.

Unlike other filter rings available on the market, sera siporax consists of sintered glass. The unique material convinces due to a special three-dimensional pore structure. This allows maximum surface increase. At the same time, the fine pores provide ideal settling conditions for bacteria that break down pollutants. Since it is an interconnected system, the bacteria are permanently rinsed by water nd so can break down pollutants with best possible efficiency.

Furthermore, the unique pore array allows for self-purification of the substrate and thus very long filter holding times.


Siporax Professional Filter Media: 1000 ml (10.2 oz.)

BONUS Filter Biostart Bottle: 50 ml

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