sera Siporax Nitrat-Minus Professional 500mL

  • $ 16.99

Biological filter medium for nitrate removal.

sera siporax Nitrate-minus Professional is a high performance filter medium for biological nitrate breakdown with parallel breakdown of nitrite and ammonium. Denitrification is optimally enhanced and maximized by the bio polymer sphere matching the siporax ring. The degradable bio polymer serves as a carbon source for the bacteria that break down nitrate.

The bio polymer sphere not only maximizes the biological filter performance of the unique sintered glass tube but at the same time also increases the holding time of the filter in two ways. Besides pollutant breakdown, the special construction of the sphere optimizes the water flow and thus improves substance transport into the inner siporax ring. sera siporax Nitrate-minus Professional therefore is an almost maintenance free and, above all, long lived filter medium. The number of water changes can also be reduced. Water parameters can be improved by siporax Nitrate-minus Professional especially in bigger and/or densely stocked community or cichlid tanks.

sera siporax Nitrate-minus Professional can be combined with siporax products already present, such as siporax Professional, siporax mini Professional and siporax pond Professional. By providing carbon, it will improve pollutant breakdown there as well.

The bio polymer spheres are broken down by bacteria over time, and dissolve. They can simply be replaced for renewing the carbon source.

Note: In dedicated plant tanks or aquariums with dense planting and corresponding nitrogen requirements, this filter medium can lead to additional NPK fertilization (e.g. with sera flore 4 plant) being necessary.

Dosage: 1 sphere per each 15 liters (4 US gal.) of water
Size: 500mL / 5.1 oz
Contains: 10 Pieces
Treats: 40 Gallons

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