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Sera GVG-Mix 2.1 oz / 250 ml Freshwater Flake Fish Food

  • $ 14.95

Flake food with whole food animals as delicacies.

Sera GVG-Mix is the delicious blend of carefully manufactured flakes and dried whole food animals. The flakes optimally fulfill the natural requirements, while the food animals provide welcomed variation.

The food is particularly rich in trace elements and so prevents deficiencies. The fish can develop healthily and strongly. Fertility and disease resistance are supported. Due to the excellent digestibility and water stability of the floating food it is eaten entirely and does not pollute the water.

Sera GVG-mix is an iodine-rich flake food with tasty morsels. Sera GVG-mix consists of 80% special flakes made from marine algae, ground krill and plankton, 20% are FD bloodworms, daphnia and artemia shrimps. This iodine-rich food prevents diseases of the thyroid gland and thus should be fed at least once a week.

Sera GVG-mix is especially suitable for community aquariums which are mainly stocked with live-bearing tooth carps, and for freshwater fish.

2.1 oz. (250 ml / 60 g)

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