Seachem Reef Pack Enhancer 3x 100 mL

  • $ 18.99

  • Includes Reef Calcium, Reef Strontium, and Reef Iodide.
  • Provides calcium, strontium, and iodide.
  • Perfect addition to Reef Pack Fundamentals.
The Reef Pack Enhancer takes reef supplementation to the next level. Accelerate coral growth with a high energy polygluconate calcium (Reef Calcium). Maintain strontium in a densely populated system (Reef Strontium) with the added benefit of coral acceleration through gluconate complexation. Maintain sufficient iodide levels (Reef Iodide) when keeping soft corals or invertebrates.

Reef Calcium:
Reef Calcium is a concentrated (50,000 mg/L) bioavailable polygluconate complexed calcium intended to maintain calcium in the reef aquarium without altering pH. Polygluconate complexation confers several benefits: it increases the bioavailability of the calcium, it provides a rich source of metabolic energy to help maintain peak coral growth, and it prevents calcium precipitation/alkalinity depletion.

Reef Strontium:
Reef Strontium is a concentrated (10,000 mg/L) gluconate strontium supplement for the reef aquarium that will restore and maintain strontium to levels found in natural sea water. It is most useful in densely populated aquariums requiring a continuous supply of strontium.

Reef Iodide:
Reef Iodide is an iodide supplement for those with dense populations of invertebrates or soft corals. It is also useful in tanks with aggressive skimmers. Reef Iodide is concentrated at 8,000 mg/L. As little as 1 mL in 160 liters (US 40 gallons) will raise iodide to natural seawater concentration. It is formulated to provide a safe source of iodide that will not convert to toxic free iodine under storage or reef conditions.

Size: 3x 100 mL

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