Salifert Phosphate Killer 500mL

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Salifert Phosphate Killer is a granular ferric oxide hydroxide and has a very high surface area on which phosphate can be adsorbed. It has therefor a very low weight per volume. The phosphate binding capacity of this product is, compared to some other quality products, up to 5 times higher. It binds phosphate far stronger than most other phosphate removing media such as the white colored alumina (aluminum oxide). It also does no leach toxic aluminum.

The perfect combination of a very high phosphate adsorbing capacity and extreme strong adsorption of phosphate allows this product to reduce phosphate concentration in the aquarium water to what is found around natural pristine reefs.

It can easily out-compete nuissance algae for phosphate. A reduced phosphate concentration will allow corals and coralline algae to grow much faster. Also some toxic heavy metals, silicate and many type of organics (which are hard to remove by skimming or activated carbon) can be reduced significantly.

Use 250 ml (8.45 fl. oz.) for up to approx. 125 - 250 gallons. This will last up to 3 months. Above mentioned recommendation is for tanks with an average input of food and a low initial phosphate concentration. Regular testing with a good quality phosphate test kit will tell you when the Phosphate Killer has to be renewed.

This product has a typical grain size of 0.2 - 2mm. Transportation might have caused some very fine dust. The best way to use this product is in a canister with a slow but forced flow. Use at least about 3 inches of floss on each side (pack tightly). Discard the first 0.5 gallon of water or more until all the dust has disappeared. It can also be used in a filter sock. use the appropriate mesh size. Wash this product when packed in the sock but do NOT knead it. Never use it in a fluidized filter since this might create a lot of fine dust.

Size: 500 mL

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