Salifert Natural Iodine 250mL

  • $ 16.99

Superior Supplement for Reef Tanks.

  • Contains just like NSW Iodide and Iodate.
  • 100% Bio-Available.
  • Promotes Health and Growth of all Invertebrates.
  • Free Convenient Measuring Device Included.
Why Iodine is Required:
Corals might require iodine as a de-toxifier, as a protection against uv-radiation and as a natural defense against many parasites. Iodine is present in NSW (Natural Sea Water) in a very low concentration (0.06 mg/L or 0.06 ppm). Iodine occurs in NSW as different species. These include iodide, iodate, molecular iodine and hypoiodite. Generally when we say iodine we mean one or more iodine species without a clear distinction being made. NSW contains predominantly iodate and to a lesser extent iodide. There is however a misconception among many hobbyists that iodide predominates in NSW. Research by Salifert and universities has proved this to be untrue.

About Salifert Natural Iodine:
Salifert's Natural Iodine supplement contains a large portion iodate and also some iodide in similar proportions as NSW. All ingredients are of a pharmaceutical quality or even better. This ensures that no unwanted elements are added to your aquarium.

Other Requirements: For excellent results try also Salifert's high quality calcium, strontium, alkalinity and trace elements supplements.

Directions: Shake before use. Dose 5 mL per 100 Liters (25 gallons) once every 2 or 3 weeks. Adjust dosage according to individual requirements (use an iodine test, e.g., Salifert’s Iodine Profi-Test). Every 5 mL per 100 Liters (25 gallons) will increase the iodine concentration (that is iodide + iodate) by approx. 0.04 mg/L.

Active Ingredients: Calcium and magnesium salts of iodate and iodide.

Size: 250 mL (8.45 fl. oz.)

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