Salifert Magnesium Powder 250mL

  • $ 15.99

A too low magnesium concentration (below 1300 mg/L) results in problems maintaining correct calcium and alkalinity levels. Correct alkalinity and calcium levels are beneficial for coral growth. This magnesium supplement is highly concentrated and will not only increase the magnesium concentration but will also correct the ionic-imbalance. Once the magnesium concentration is between approx. 1300 and 1500 mg/L use the liquid magnesium supplement to maintain the magnesium concentration.

Each level measuring beaker will increase the magnesium concentration of 10 liter (2.5 gallons) water with approx. 300 mg/l (ppm). Dissolve the powder (1 level beaker 1 cup of fresh water) and add slowly to the aquarium. Never increase the magnesium concentration by more than 200 mg/l (ppm) per day.

Ingredients: Contains blended highly purified and concentrated magnesium salts.

Size: 250 mL

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