Rio Taam Rid-Volt Titanium Ground Probe -

Rio Taam Rid-Volt Titanium Ground Probe

  • $ 16.95

Rio TAAM Rid-Volt Titanium Ground Probe

The Rid-Volt Titanium Ground Probe gives you a firm electrical ground for your aquatic system. When properly installed, “stray voltage” which is generated by pumps, heater, lights and other electrical devices used by aquariums will be carried away. Stray voltage can be very harmful to freshwater and saltwater animals.

To use, just connect the u-shaped end to the ground and put the titanium probe in the tank or sump. Make sure the probe is held firmly in place.

The Rid-Volt Titanium Ground Probe is rust resistant saltwater safe.

If you are getting shocked a grounding probe will take that away, however it will not fix the issue or pump that is leaking current into your aquarium.

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