Red Sea DipX 500mL

  • $ 25.99

For the safe introduction of new corals to reef aquariums.

DipX is a highly effective dip for safely introducing new corals and live rocks to your aquarium.

A simple 15 minute bath in DipX before placing a new coral in the aquarium will drive away unwanted hitchhikers, thereby maintaining the safety of your reef.

New corals often come with unwanted hitchhikers hidden deep inside the corals crevices. These various tiny creatures are usually invisible to the naked eye, and once in the aquarium, they can migrate to other corals and damage your delicate reef eco-system.

Over the years, reef hobbyists have used generic baths solutions such as fresh water, Iodine, and even household disinfectants, all of which repel some of the hitchhikers, but not all of them.

For the past few years, Red Sea has been cultivating tanks with infested corals and comparing a wide range of commercially available dips and other repelling ingredients, examining both their effectiveness and their overall safety for the corals.

The result is DipX, a unique blend of essential oils, without inorganic disinfectants. Red Sea's tests have shown that DipX is completely safe for all kinds of corals and more effective than any other solution tested.

Corals that were bathed in DipX still repelled unwanted hitchhikers, even though they were previously dipped in other solutions. On the other hand, corals that were dipped in other solutions after they were bathed in DipX did not repel anything.

Size: 500 mL

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