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Ocean Nutrition Feeding Frenzy Grid Feeding Clip

  • $ 8.99

Feeding Frenzy Grid Feeding Clip.

In their natural coral reef environment, Marine Butterfly fish, Angels, Tangs, and many other fish feed by picking throughout the day on surfaces of coral heads and live rocks. The FEEDING FRENZY Grid Feeding Clip helps to duplicate natural feeding behavior by holding food intact and prolonging the feeding process so fish are not forced to eat their entire day’s food in a five-minute rush.
  • Underwater feeding aid for “shy” fish.
  • Firmly grips or holds a defrosted cube of gel-based Frozen Formula Foods.
  • Excellent for butterflies and other picky feeders.
How To Use The Feeding Frenzy Grid Feeding Clip:
  • Place one or two cubes of Frozen Formula Foods or Frozen Single Items in feeding grid.
  • Using the suction cup, place the grid clip in an area in the aquarium where fish can feed comfortably. For optimum results, attach the clip to an object in the center of the aquarium away from the sides of the tank so fish can access the food from both sides of the grid.
  • All fish will eat the food that protrudes through the grid.
  • The grid feeder can also be used for feeding Ocean Nutrition’s SEAWEED SELECTS.

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