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Ocean Nutrition Feeding Frenzy Feeding Station

  • $ 9.99

The Better Way to Feed Flake Foods and Other Floating Foods.

Product Features:
  • Marine and freshwater aquarium feeding accessory that floats on the water’s surface and keeps food from scattering.
  • For use with flake and other floating fish food.
  • Stops food from going into the filter.
  • Reduces time spent on aquarium maintenance.
  • For use with all surface-feeding fish.
Ocean Nutrition’s Feeding Frenzy Feeding Accessories make feeding your fish easier, more efficient, and fun.

The Ocean Nutrition Feeding Frenzy Feeding Station is a unique accessory that makes the feeding of flake and other floating foods a more efficient process for you and a more enjoyable one for your fish. The feeding station floats on the surface of your aquarium’s water, and it holds in place with a suction cup. It provides a stationary zone where your fish can repeatedly return to feed. It also confines floating food within a limited area, preventing it from scattering across the water’s surface or entering the filter. The Feeding Station is ideal for feeding Formula Flake Foods from Ocean Nutrition.

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