New Life Spectrum Nutri/Cell Coral Food 40g (1.4 oz)

  • $ 12.95

New Life Spectrum Nutri/Cell Coral Food

Great for plankton-feeding marine invertebrates & SPS corals!
*80% of microcapsule beads are under 50 microns!

The New Life Spectrum Nutri/Cell is a complete spectrum nutrition formula for vitality and color. This encapsulated micro-feeder is enhanced with phytoplankton and zooplankton. Particle sizes range from 10-80 microns. The micro-particles of food are suspended in a nutrient-rich, water-stable bead; which simulates the buoyancy of plankton. This stable structure means less nutrient loss into water and less pollution. Capsules stay in the water column longer. No refrigeration needed!


1.4 oz (40 grams)

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