Kordon Smart Start Instant Water Conditioning Kit AmQuel+ 1 oz NovAqua+ 1 oz

  • $ 9.99

Kordon Smart Start Instant Water Conditioning Kit contains bottles of both AmQuel Plus and NovAqua Plus water conditioners. This kit is suitable for treating fresh or salt water.
  • Detoxifies tap water.
  • Breaks down chloramines.
  • Removes nitrate, nitrite, ammonia and chlorine.
The NovAqua Plus and AmQuel Plus that are included in this Aquarium Water Conditioning Kit will condition water (either tap water or bottled drinking water) to make it suitable for fishes and invertebrates. NovAqua Plus and AmQuel Plus will also improve the conditions in existing aquariums.

Many fish are tolerant of a wide range of water conditions, but all fishes need good, clean, non-toxic water. NovAqua Plus and AmQuel Plus are designed to be used alone or in combination to perform many essential functions necessary for keeping fishes and invertebrates alive in fresh or saltwater aquariums, including the removal of chlorine, ammonia, chloramines, copper and other heavy metals. In addition, NovAqua Plus acts as a stress reducer by supplying the needed electrolytes and an artificial skin coating to help prevent shock and stress during water changes or handling.

Size: 2x 1 oz - Treats 60 Gallons

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