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Kordon Prevent Ich 4 oz

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Kordon Prevent Ich is an herbal treatment with multiple natural ingredients for prevention of disease caused by external single-celled infections of fishes. Prevent-Ich should be used during times of shipping, quarantine, stress or recovery from other illnesses to prevent infections such as white spot disease (Ich), and as an effective external preventative treatment of protozoans, dinoflagellates, and fungi and the disease they cause.

It is important - whether for aquarium and pond keepers, dealers, wholesalers, or shippers - that preventative treatments should be used at every step of shipping and keeping aquarium and pond fishes. It is a lot easier and safer to prevent infections from occurring, than having to cope with them after they have become life threatening to the fish.

Equally effective in fresh and salt water. Does not require water changes between treatments. Safe for use with aquatic invertebrates (snails, shrimp, crabs, coral, anemones, etc.)

Size: 4 oz - Treats 240 Gallons

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