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Kordon Fish Protector 16 oz

  • $ 16.99

Kordon Fish Protector forms a multi-layered protective slime coating on fishes' skin, protecting fishes during handling and minimizing infection. The coating works as an effective healing aid for fishes with bruises, missing scales, or frayed fins. The protective slime coating is formed by special polymer colloids, and does not involve irritating the fish's surface by the use of salt.

Fish Protector's polymer colloids beneficially absorb medicinal dyes such as methylene blue and malachite green, as well as antibiotics such as oxytetracycline and nitrofurazone. Fish-Protector acts as a carrier for such medications and can be used as an aid in applying them to the fish's skin. Fish-Protector combines skin slime replacers with the addition of vitamin B12 and increased Echinacea, all of which aids in the normal healing process of injured fishes.

Size: 16 oz - Treats 960 Gallons

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