JBJ True Temp Heater Safety Guard Kit (T3-SGKIT) - ASAP Aquarium

JBJ True Temp Heater Safety Guard Kit (T3-SGKIT)

  • $ 34.95

The JBJ True Temp Heater Holder is a replacement heater holder for the JBJ True Temp Titanium Heating Systems. It also can be used as a safety guard and magnet holder for heaters from other manufacturers. The holder can handle heaters up to 16" in length and 1" diameter. This will accommodate the Ebo Jager and Eheim aquarium heaters. The heater holder comes in two sections and you can just use the 9" section for shorter heaters. The safety guard will prevent against heater breakage caused by large, aggressive fish.

NOTE: If you're buying a JBJ True Temp Heater, this Heater Holder already comes with it.

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