Granulated Reef Carbon for Marine & Reef Aquariums 4 oz.

  • $ 4.95


Premium Granulated Reef Carbon is a great choice for marine & reef aquariums. The carbon's granule size and its micro/macro porous structure ensures maximum adsorption capacity and rapid extraction of the specific organic pollutants that are found in marine and reef aquariums. It has extremely low phosphate leaching and minimal ash content while also not affecting the pH of aquarium water. It needs replacing less frequently than carbons that are not reef-specific or are of a lower quality and represents an effective, cost-efficient solution for providing the very best water quality in marine & reef aquariums.

To use, rinse well with fresh RO/DI water. Place the carbon in a fluidized media reactor with vigorous water flow rate for best results. Use approx. 4 oz. per 25 gallons of tank volume (or more if there is a heavy bio-load). Change carbon monthly for optimal water quality.

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