Fritz Zyme Monster 360 16oz -

Fritz Zyme Monster 360 16oz

  • $ 21.99

FritzZyme Monster 360 is a powerful probiotic blend of naturally-occurring heterotrophic bacteria specifically chosen for their ability to quickly digest organic sludge common in aquariums. Sludge includes fish waste, leftover food and other decaying organic matter.

When left unchecked, sludge can lead to unsightly algae growth. Rather than relying on freshwater bacteria to treat both fresh and saltwater, Fritz Industries has identified the species that naturally occur and perform best for each environment. FritzZyme Monster 360 contains only species of bacteria native to freshwater. The bacteria in FritzZyme Monster 360 is safe, non-toxic and non-pathogenic.

  • No Need for Refrigeration.
  • Two Year Shelf Life.
  • Freshwater Specific Formula.
  • Great for Use After Maintenance.
  • Easy Dosing.
  • Works in Every Type of System.
  • Can Be Used with All Other FritzZyme Products.
Using FritzZyme Monster 360 biological aquarium cleaner as a part of regular maintenance will greatly reduce the need for substrate cleaning and water changes, as well as prolong the life of filter media. FritzZyme Monster 360 bacteria will rapidly digest waste, eliminate foul odors, and improve water clarity, promoting a clean, clear, and healthy aquarium.

FritzZyme Monster 360 contain a highly concentrated blend of bacteria specifically selected for keepers of monster fish. Keeping the environments of these particular species clean and healthy can be challenging.

FritzZyme Monster 360 contains freshwater specific species of beneficial bacteria and is the perfect maintenance product for keepers of freshwater monster fish including arowana, oscars, flower horn cichlids, sting rays, piranha, as well as heavily stocked tanks like African cichlid aquariums. FritzZyme Monster 360 as part of a regular maintenance program will help lengthen the time between water changes, prolong filter media life, and help keep water crystal clear.

Size: 16 oz (treats 4,730 gallons)

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