Fritz MaxOut Pro Freshwater -

Fritz MaxOut Pro Freshwater

  • $ 21.99

Maximum Clarity Fast! Advanced All in One Filter Media and Phosphate Remover.

MaxOut Pro Freshwater is a unique blend of high-grade rinsed carbon, proprietary phosphate resin and organic scavenger resins. MaxOut Pro Freshwater removes all toxins, metals and odors in the water column. High capacity carbon removes organics and polishes aquarium water. Proprietary resins unique to the MaxOut Pro Freshwater blend aid in the removal of phosphates and reduces the buildup of organics that can cause algae. MaxOut Pro Freshwater helps maintain aquarium pH levels by keeping them stable and consistent. Let MaxOut Pro Freshwater clear your water and help balance your parameters.
  • Plant and Invertebrate Safe.
  • Polishes Aquarium Water Quickly and Efficiently
  • Quickly Removes Toxins and Keeps Trace Elements in Balance
  • Works in Freshwater and Planted Aquariums.
  • Pre-Filled Nylon Bag, No Mess
Place one mesh filter bag within a high flow area of your filtration system per 100 gallons (378 L) of water volume. No pre-rinsing is required. Fritz MaxOut Pro Freshwater is compatible with both canister filters and standard sumps. For maximum effectiveness, replace every 30 - 60 days. Can be used in both freshwater and planted aquariums of all sizes.

Size: 1 bag (treats 100 gallons)

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