Continuum Reef Basis Sustain Iodine 250mL -

Continuum Reef Basis Sustain Iodine 250mL

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Time release, triple acting iodine supplement for all marine fish & reef aquaria.

Reef Basis Sustain Iodine is a unique, multi-component iodine release system, designed to nourish organisms that require iodine. It is particularly useful for soft corals of all kinds, particularly xenia, as well as gorgonians, hard corals, tunicates, marine worms such as feather dusters, sponges, macroalgae, and crustaceans, particularly shrimp. Growth rates in xenia and gorgonians will likely improve with it's use. It helps all corals and clams retain their coloration and shield against strong lighting. Reef Basis Sustain contains no gluconate or polygluconate.

Use in aquarium keeping:
Iodine, while present in better salt mixes, is rapidly removed through ozone, skimming, carbon and other filtration and used up by inhabitants. It is necessary, therefore, to supplement it for maximum invertebrate and algae health, particularly if you have strong lighting. If you are propagating corals, be sure to use Coral Exponential to provide naturally ratioed amino acids for accelerated tissue growth along with Reef Basis Calcium, Magnesium, and Strontium to provide proper minerals for aragonite growth. Also, use Coral Elements-N to add vitamins and trace minerals specifically designed for corals. Continuum recommends that you maintain about .04 to .06 mg/l (ppm) iodide level in your aquarium, if measuring.

Directions and protocol:
Shake well prior to use. Add 1 capful (5 ml) per 50 US-gallons (200 L) of marine aquarium water 2 to 3 times per week for the first three weeks, then reduce the dosage to 1 capful per 100 gallons (half dosage) subsequently. Do not overdose!

Expert use:
Dosing through use of a totally separate drip system is a superior method of addition. Do not mix with any other products prior to addition. Since test kits will likely not read the organic iodine in Sustain Iodine, it is recommended that you simply add the above amount to the doser. In other words, add 1 capful to the amount of solution that the doser will add in 2 to 4 days per 50 US-gallons (200 L) of marine aquarium water. If you decide to test the iodine levels, it is recommended that you maintain from .04 to .06 ppm.

Size: 250 mL

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