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Continuum Reef•Basis Labyrinth Premium Aquarium Carbon 500 grams

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Continuum Aquatics Reef-Basis Labyrinth Premium Aquarium Carbon - 500 grams

Reef•Basis Labyrinth Carbon
Description: Activated Carbon for Marine & freshwater Aquariums

• Steam activated, pelletized, bituminous coal based carbon
• Particularly selected for use in marine systems and soft FW systems
• High molasses number and low ash content

All carbon is not created equal! It is all black, but that is where the similarity ends. Reef•Basis - Labyrinth Carbon is a supreme quality, pelletized, steam activated filtration medium particularly selected for sensitive aquarium environments. Labyrinth is bituminous coal based exhibiting huge volumes of mezopores and macropores and suited to adsorption of a wide range of organic pollutants with minimal impact on trace minerals and pH. Labyrinth will remove stains, dissolved organics and toxic gases in marine, brackish and freshwater systems. It has a very high adsorption capability with an iodine number in excess of 1,000 and a molasses number in excess of 600, with immeasurable phosphates and almost no ash content.

Use in Aquarium Keeping:
Reef•Basis - Labyrinth Carbon is much more active and effective than most competing carbons, so you can use less and still get excellent results. Many hobbyists prefer to keep activated carbon in their system all of the time and others prefer to use it intermittently, as needed to control color and cloudiness. Labyrinth works fine in either case, but Continuum recommends the latter method if the aquarium has excellent mechanical and biological filtration (In marine systems this would include a good protein skimmer). In this case, use it two or three days a week or as needed. Always properly dispose of used carbon in an ecologically responsible manner.

Rinse well in cold filtered freshwater, preferably RO or distilled water, but tap water may be used. Place loosely in a polyester filter bag or filter chamber and position to force water flow through the carbon. For best results, use a particulate prefilter ahead of the carbon, such as filter floss or fine sponge. Use about 1 gram of Reef•Basis - Labyrinth Carbon per gallon of aquarium capacity, or about 3/4 cupful per 100 US gallons (400 L).

Keep out of reach of children. Not for human consumption. Contains activated carbon, if ingested drink water. If in eyes flush with water.

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