Captiv8 Aquaculture Propag8 50g Amino Acids -

Captiv8 Aquaculture Propag8 50g Amino Acids

  • $ 39.99

Reef Blueprint Propag8 Amino Acids Blend for Corals.

Dry blend of free-form amino acids and metabolic stimulants, formulated expressly for cnidarians. Free of preservatives, added colors, and pH stabilizers. Dramatically improves cellular growth rate in cnidarians.

  • A dry blend of free form amino acids in ratios corresponding to research conducted on cellular amino acid content and perceived requirements across numerous cnidarian genera endemic to tropical and subtropical marine ecosystems.
  • Includes organic carbon sources which collectively increase the metabolic efficiency and feed conversion of corals and their allies to yield greater growth rates, as well as greater rates of microbially-driven nitrogen and phosphorus uptake.
  • May be employed as a food soak for dehydrated and/or freeze-dried feeds intended for marine fishes which are planktivorous and/or browse on algal turf and non-motile invertebrates (e.g. poriferans, cnidarians, ascidians, etc.).
  • Formula follows the Captiv8 Aquaculture policy of excluding fillers, preservatives, and artificial colors.
Size: 50 grams

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