Captiv8 Aquaculture Isol8:I Iodide 60mL -

Captiv8 Aquaculture Isol8:I Iodide 60mL

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Reef Blueprint Isol8:I Iodide Supplement for Coral

Iodide solution 100,000 ppm. Increases iodide (contains no iodine) in recirculating seawater systems. 1 drop (0.05 mL) per 23.7 gal. (89.5 L), or 1 mL per 473.1 gal. (1,790.8 L), once daily to maintain NSW value for S=35. 100,000 ppm iodide, derived from potassium iodide (anhydrous source, USP).

  • Provides iodide (contains no iodine), required for development of chitin (exoskeletal material for shrimp and other crustaceans) and antioxidant activity critical to hermatypic invertebrates. Iodide is properly considered a critical addition to recirculating marine ecosystems housing either of these groups of organisms.
  • Improves color intensity and polyp extension of zooxanthellate invertebrates.
  • See 'Application' section below for use of this solution vs. Isol8 MT.
Active Components: Potassium iodide, anhydrous, USP.

Basic Application:
1 drop (0.05 mL) per 23.7 gallons (89.5 L), or 1 mL per 473.1 gallons (1,790.8 L), provides NSW [I]. 1 mL per 26.4 gallons (100 L) increases [I] by 1.00 ppm.

Reference Standard [I]:
  • 5.58x10-2 ppm (S=35.0)​
  • 6.33x10-2 ppm (S=40.0)
In established systems, increase [I] up to 5% of existing ionic value daily, until desired value or reference standard is reached.

Size: 60mL

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