Captiv8 Aquaculture Isol8: Co 60mL -

Captiv8 Aquaculture Isol8: Co 60mL

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Reef Blueprint Isol8:Co Cobalt Supplement for Coral

Cobalt solution 1,000 ppm. Increases cobalt in recirculating seawater systems. Increases primary productivity. Required by photoautotrophs (including zooxanthellae) for photosynthesis, and pigment, vitamin, and enzyme production. 1 drop (0.05 mL) per 7,472 gal. (28,281 L), once daily to maintain NSW value for S=35. 1,000 ppm cobalt, derived from cobalt chloride (hydrated source, USP).

  • Provides cobalt, required by photoautotrophs (including zooxanthellae) for critical cellular functions, including: photosynthesis; production of pigments, vitamins, and enzymes.
  • Critical for photosynthetic processes and nutrient reduction in systems employing algal turf scrubber filtration.
  • Improves color intensity of zooxanthellate invertebrates.
  • Aids in the reduction of nitrate.
Active Components: Cobalt chloride, hydrated, USP.

Basic Application:
  • Dilute 1 drop (0.05 mL) Isol8 Co in 100 mL of purified water, and dose 1 mL of this solution per 75 gallons (284 L) daily.Β  Label and date solution, and keep tightly-capped when not in use. Uncontaminated solution will remain viable for β‰₯2 years.
Reference Standard [Co]: 1.77x10-6 ppm (S=35.0)​

In established systems, increase [Co] up to 5% of existing ionic value daily, until desired value or reference standard is reached.

Size: 60mL

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