API Pond Aquatic Plant Food Tablets

  • $ 10.99

AQUATIC PLANT FOOD TABLETS provide essential nutrients and trace elements needed by pond plants to ensure non-stop blooming. Tablets contain iron for lush, green growth and boron to promote flower formation. It keeps water lilies blooming all season long, stimulates lush foliage and beautiful blooms of all aquatic pond plants (hardy tropical plants and marginal and bog plants).

API AQUATIC PLANT FOOD TABLETS can just be dropped in your water or inserted into the soil for optimal results.

API AQUATIC PLANT FOOD TABLETS may be used in an aquarium.

Instructions: Feed plants once a month until the water temperature reaches 70⁰F, then feed twice a month. Stop using Aquatic plant food tablets when the water temperature drops below 60⁰F. Use one tablet for every gallon of soil. Push the tablet into the plant soil, 3 inches from the crown of the plant and 3 to 6 inches deep into the soil.

Size: 25 count

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