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API CO2 Booster 8oz.

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Carbon deficiency is one of the leading causes of poor plant growth in aquariums. API CO2 BOOSTER product adds essential liquid carbon for planted aquariums to fuel the photosynthetic process and turn light energy into new plant growth. API CO2 BOOSTER product supplies simple carbon compounds, and slowly releases CO2 to aquarium plants. Product may be used alone, or in conjunction with CO2 systems. Safe for use with freshwater fish, and will not alter pH.

API CO2 BOOSTER product is an organic compound, not a gas.

API CO2 BOOSTER product breaks down chemically to supply carbon to plants within 24 hours, thus the reason for re-dosing every 24 hours. The organic compound slowly breaks down over the 24 hour period, allowing the plants to absorb what they need. Meanwhile, API LEAF ZONE plant fertilizer is stable in the water until the nutrients are utilized by the plants, allowing for a weekly dose.

API CO2 BOOSTER product is safe for use with shrimp. Dosing directions should be followed.

Instructions: Add 1 ml. per 10 gallons of aquarium water. Dose once a day.

Size: 8 oz.

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