25 Reef Rock Frag Plugs Cured for Live Coral Propagation

  • $ 17.95

This is for a set of 25 Cured Reef Rock Frag Plugs for live coral propagation.

Our Cured Reef Rock Frag Plugs are perfect for propagating corals. They are bright white, and measure about 2" in size and a .5" thick. They are made from 100% pure Caribsea reef sand.  This sand is a natural calcium based sand which has been shown to speed the spread of coralline algae growth and corals on the plugs.

Reef Rock Frag Plugs are perfect for the propagation of encrusting montipora and soft corals such as ricordea, yuma, rhodactus, bounce mushrooms,  mushrooms, zoanthids, star polyps, Xenia, and other matting type colonial polyps. They are more attractive than disk or plugs by having varying shape and height resulting in a natural look that blends into existing live rock. Reef Rock Frag Plugs have a flat bottom so they don't roll around like live rock rubble.

Our cured frag plugs work well with all of the top frag glues on the market!


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