ICYMI - Weekly Roundup of Reef & Aquarium News Around the Web

In Case You Missed It..... Here's a round up of some of the top aquarium and reef related stories from the past week to help you ease into your Saturday morning!

Otter BowlThe Long Beach Aquarium is going to be hosting the Otter Bowl, and it promises to be cuter than the Puppy Bowl because the internet needs more cute.

Backyard ScientistThe Back Yard Scientist showed us what happens when you pour molten aluminum into an aquarium filled with water polymer balls and he can now be called the Backyard Artist.

Shark AttackA territorial dispute between a sand tiger shark and a banded hound shark half its size broke out on Thursday evening at an aquarium in Seoul, Korea.... it did not end well.

Live RockAtlantic Reef Conservation posted an extensive article covering everything you could possibly want to know about live rock. You can also purchase it there too.

Acan LordReef Builders published a quick read about a new taxonomic designation for one of our favorite corals, the Acan Lord, accompanied by some eye candy courtesy of Unique Corals.

Pyjama SquidThe world class Monterey Bay Aquarium has some incredibly cute Striped Pyjama Squid at their special Tentacles exhibit, you should check it out.

Mind BlownHere's an "Inception" like photo of a Free Diver in an underwater photo gallery, looking at photos of free divers underwater..... wait, what?

SCOOTER DRAGONETThe largest ornamental aquaculture facility in the US, Oceans, Reefs & Aquariums (ORA) began sending 100% aquacultured Scooter Dragonets to local fish stores nationwide.

Happy clamIf you are into clams (and who isn't), then you'll want to read this article about clam positioning in the wild courtesy of Reefs.com

RVHAnd lastly, the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute has sadly reported the loss of earth scientist Richard P. Von Herzen, whose pioneering research work led to the discovery of hydrothermal vents.