Tuesday Tech Tips - How to Get The Most From Your RO/DI Filter

RO/DI FilterRO/DI filters are essential for any reef keeper. Making sure you get the most of your RO/DI filter will help ensure you maximize your savings while starting with the cleanest water possible! Here's a few tools that can help you get the best performance out of your RO/DI filter.

Pressure GaugePressure Gauge: If your RO/DI filter did not come with one, install a pressure gauge in your RO/DI filter system. This handy little device will tell you if you have the correct water pressure for optimal performance of your water filtration system.

Booster PumpBooster Pump: If you live in an area that has low water pressure from your municipal water provider, or if you have a well that you pump water from, you will want to add a booster pump to your RO/DI filter. These are simple electric diaphragm pumps that are plumbed into the water line of the RO/DI filter, and it increases the water pressure to the optimal range. 

Inline Digital TDS MeterTDS Meter: A Total Dissolved Solids meter will let you know if your RO/DI filter is producing quality water, or if it is time for the filters to be changed. TDS Meters are usually hand held, however you can also use an inline digital TDS meter as well. Changing the filters is another way to make sure your RO/DI filter is working optimally.

RODI Flush ValveBack Flush Valve: A back flush valve will allow you to rinse out your RO membrane, thus extending the life of the membrane and ensuring that it is working properly. RO membranes should be flushed after a heavy water production session, or at least once per week.