Top 5 Most Desirable Algae for Reef Aquariums

Not all aquarium algae is bad. In fact some algae is very helpful in reducing nitrates and phosphates naturally, as well as providing fresh food for your fish, and a refuge for smaller reef critters vital to your aquarium's ecosystem. Some are just ornamental, and add a natural aesthetic quality to your reef. Here's a list of our Top 5 Most Desirable Algae for Reef Aquariums.

1. Chaetomorpha:
ChaetomorphaThis macroalgae is also called Spaghetti Algae because of it's long twisting single starnds intertwined into a big clump. Perfectly suited for refugiums, this algae will readily host copepods, amphipods, and mini brittle stars. Chaetomorpha is well known to be an excellent nitrate and phosphate controller, as well as nutrient exporter.

2. Halimeda:
HalimedaAlso known as a Money Plant because of the string of disc like shapes, this is a green calcareous macroalgae and is a beautiful decorative plant for a marine or reef aquarium. Primarily a decorative algae, Halimeda requires sufficient calcium levels.

3. Dragon's Breath:
Dragon's BreathThis popular algae has a striking red color and vivid fiery orange tips. It is a free floating algae, so be sure to attach it to your rockwork. Dragon's Breath is both fantastic at nutrient export, and it provides a healthy meal or snack for herbivores.

4. Shaving Brush Plant:
Shaving Brush AlgaeThis green algae has a central stalk with bristle like leaves that grow upward giving it a brush like appearance. These are fantastic at removing excess nitrate and phosphate, and should be planted in a shallow sand bed.

5. Red Kelp:
Red Grape KelpWhether the smooth leaf or grape variety, Red Kelp on Rock is a beautiful addition to your saltwater aquarium. Given proper light, this algae will grow quickly, however it will be readily eaten by herbivores.