Friday Fish Facts - Swallowtail Angelfishes

Lamarck's AngelfishSwallowtail Angelfishes (Genus Genicanthus): These elegant, lively angelfishes are almost totally safe with crustaceans, inverts and corals, making them the most perfect angelfishes for reef aquariums. Feeding mostly on zooplankton and algae, the Swallowtail Angelfishes will sometimes eat polychaete worms and sponges, and on rare occasion may feed on the polyps of soft corals. This can be avoided by ensuring they are fed properly.ย Swallowtail Angelfishes should be fed at least two or more times per day, and they prefer a variable diet of brine and mysid shrimps, and spirulina algae.

blackspot angelfishSwallowtail Angelfishes are mostly peaceful fish, however they have been known to chase smaller planktivores around in a reef tank. Only one male should be kept per tank. They prefer dimly lit conditions, but can acclimate to bright lighting. The Swallowtail Angelfish is generally available in a variety of species including the Ornate Angelfish, Zebra Angelfish, Lamarck's Angelfish, Blackspot Angelfish and the Japanese Swallowtail Angelfish to name a few.

Ornate AngelfishSwallowtail Angelfishes can grow to a maximum size of 7 - 9 inches, however most in the aquarium hobby tend to be in the 3 - 5 inch range. This makes them ideal angelfishes for a reef tank due to their relatively smaller size as compare to other angelfish species.