5 DIY Mods for Your Nano Reef Tank

Nano reef aquariums are a fantastic way to get into the live coral side of aquariums at an entry level price. They are also great for experienced reefers that want to set up an additional tank and have limited space to work with (office, den, dorm room, etc.). Most nano reef tanks come with built in lighting and overflow filtration which are great, but you may soon find the need to upgrade your nano reef aquarium. Here's some DIY modifications you can perform yourself on a nano tank to help improve it.

Nano Top Off1. Take the Top Off: Let the Air In. Taking the top off the tank will give you better access to the filtration section in the back and will also allow you to perform other upgrades with the added benefit of improved gas exchange and heat dissipation.

Kessil A160We LED Light2. Let There Be Light: Upgrade to an LED. With the top off of your nano tank, you can upgrade your lighting to a nice energy efficient LED pendant light such as the Kessil A160We.

JBJ Nano Skimmer3. Bubble Up: Get a Protein Skimmer. Adding a protein skimmer to the back filter compartment on your nano reef tank is an easy and quick upgrade that will greatly improve the water quality for your reef.

Two Little Fishies PhosBan Reactor 1504. Maximize Your Media: Add a Media Reactor. Many nano tank overflow filters have several compartments in the back, allowing you to add a media reactor for enhanced phosphate or nitrate treatment.

Rossmont Pump5. Go With the Flow: Add a Powerhead. Increase the water flow inside the tank and keep your corals happy by adding a Rossmont powerhead to your nano reef. Upgrading your return pump in the back overflow section of your nano reef aquarium is a great way to also increase the water flow and the filtration effectiveness.