How to Identify the 3 Basic Types of Coral

Posted by Matt Buschbacher on

Trying to identify all of the different types of corals available for your reef aquarium is such a daunting task that it can make your head spin. Every year, new coral species are discovered in the wild. The sheer number of different corals is astounding and can be overwhelming when trying to decide what types of corals to stock your reef tank with. To help you better understand what types of corals are available, it is essential to narrow the field down based on common factors; Stony Corals (corals with rigid, stony skeletons), and Soft Corals (corals without skeletons). The Stony Corals are further divided into 2 groups, LPS (Large Polyp Stony) Corals, and SPS (Small Polyp Stony) Corals. Read on and we'll help you learn How to Identify the Basic Types of Corals.... (READ MORE)

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