How to Automate Aquarium Water Top Off Refills

Posted by Matt Buschbacher on

Topping off your aquarium water in regards to a salt water tank, refers to the process of replacing fresh water lost to evaporation. When water evaporates from a salt water of reef aquarium, the salt stays in the tank, but the water evaporates, thus creating a need to replenish or "top off" the fresh water in the tank so that the salinity levels do not go too high, and so that heaters do not become exposed to air and so that water pumps do not run dry. Typically this is done by hauling gallons of RO/DI filtered fresh water from a reservoir to your aquarium and dumping it in. This can be heavy, and awkward, often resulting in spills and sometimes injury. We're going to explore how to automate the process of topping off your saltwater and reef aquarium with fresh RO/DI water..... (READ MORE)

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