Sera Artemia Mix 18 grams

  • $ 7.99

Live rearing food for natural eating behavior for ornamental fish.

sera Artemia Mix is a mixture of Artemia Nauplii eggs and salt, for easy preparation of a 1 day hatching period!

sera Artemia-Mix is the live rearing food for aquarium animals in fresh and marine water. The readily prepared instant blend with guaranteed high hatching rate only needs to be mixed with water.

The desired small Artemia nauplii are available for live feeding after only 24 hours. The tasty crustacean larvae are the ideal, rearing food with valuable, balanced ingredients. Agile bigger fish as well as numerous invertebrates also like to chase these delicacies that enhance the liveliness and the natural feeding behavior of the animals.

18 gram packet makes 16.9 fl. oz.