Submersible Fish Tank Heaters

Your saltwater biosphere is extremely sensitive to the smallest variations in water temperature. Adjusting to frequent fluctuations causes stress to your fish, coral and other aquatic life, making them vulnerable to disease. You can provide the fundamentals for good health by keeping the water within a strict temperature range appropriate to your aquarium with a submersible fish tank heater.

Our selection of JBJ True Temp Titanium aquarium heaters provide precise temperature control for aquariums ranging from 30 to 300 gallons, maintaining water temperature within a scant 0.05 degree of your set point. We also carry popular large & small aquarium heaters such as as Via Aqua Titanium heaters, Eheim Ebo Jager shatterproof glass heaters, Aqua Top submersible heaters. Buy your fish tank water heater and make sure that your beautiful fish and corals are protected against water fluctuations today.