Reef One BiOrb Service Kit 6 PACK including filter cartridges

  • $ 58.99

Includes SIX BiOrb Service Kits

Suitable for ALL BiOrb, BiUbe and BiOrb Life aquariums

The standard biOrb Service Kit (including filter cartridge) is suitable for all BiOrb, BiUbe and BiOrb Life aquariums. The kit contains everything you will need to service your aquarium, including conditioners to remove harmful chlorine from your tap water. The biOrb filter kit also contains a cleaning pad and full instructions.

The biOrb filter cartridge works like a waste bin, trapping dirt, and once full it should be thrown away and replaced with a new one. With the Baby BiOrb 15L (4 Gallons) BiOrb 30L (8 Gallon) and BiUbe 35L (9 Gallon) the filter cartridge should be replaced every 6 weeks. In the BiOrb 60L (16 gallon) and in marine tanks the filter should be replaced every four weeks. If tanks with more than the recommended bio-load (a function of the number of fish & size of fish) you may want to change out the filter cartridge more frequently.

NOTE: It is recommended that you replace one-third of your aquarium water when changing your filter cartridge and adding the water treatment sachets. A BiOrb Cleaner Pump is recommended for removing aquarium water.

Includes: 6 new BiOrb filter cartridges, 6 cleaning pads and 6 water treatment sachets.

The Biorb Service Kit Works with the following Biorb Aquariums
  • Baby Biorb
  • Biorb 8 Gallon
  • Biorb 16 Gallon
  • Biube 9 Gallon
  • Biube Pure
  • Biorb Life 30
  • Biorb Life 45
  • Biorb Life 60
  • Spyorb