Captiv8 Aquaculture NEMO+AA 60mL -

Captiv8 Aquaculture NEMO+AA 60mL

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Reef Blueprint NEMO+AA Nano Emulsified Marine Oils Supplement for Marine Fish.

NanoEmulsified Marine Oils, high in Omega-3/-6 HUFAs, fortified with free form amino acids, feeding stimulants, and natural immunostimulant compounds. Free of synthetic preservatives and emulsifiers. Refrigeration required.

  • Cr. Protein (min): 0.0%
  • Cr. Fat (min): 24.6%
  • Cr. Fiber (max): 0.0%
  • Moisture (max): 69.4%
  • DHA: 41.3 mg/g
  • EPA: 26.6 mg/g
  • NEMO+AA is a nanoemulsified blend of sustainably-harvested marine oils high in Omega-3 and -6 highly-unsaturated fatty acids, choline, and astaxanthin, fortified with immunostimulant compounds, feeding stimulants, B-vitamins, and seventeen critical free-form amino acids provided in a specific ratio for marine fishes and suspension-feeding invertebrates.
  • Consumption of Omega-3 and -6 HUFAs generally results in improved tissue growth rates in marine fishes.
  • Immunostimulants, choline, and free form amino acids are associated with improved robustness.
  • Astaxanthin consumption generally results in greater color intensity.
  • Does not incorporate pH-modifiers, artificial preservatives, synthetic emulsifiers, artificial colors, marine collagen, or oil derived from elasmobranchs.
NEMO+AA is intended to be applied as a supplement to particulate feeds dispersed into recirculating marine ecosystems housing cohorts of marine fishes and/or suspension-feeding invertebrates. Apply enough NEMO+AA to saturate feed; allow at least 60 seconds for saturation to occur before dispersing feed. Monitor system nutrient levels following application. Modify usage as required.

NEMO+AA makes use of natural (non-synthetic) emulsifiers and preservative compounds.  While it is permissible to store NEMO+AA at room temperature out of direct sunlight, it is recommended that NEMO+AA be stored refrigerated (~37 - 40°F) for maximum longevity of active components. Do not permit contamination of NEMO+AA with foreign substances (e.g. system water), as this may cause premature spoilage. Shake bottle for 3 - 5 seconds prior to each use to ensure dispersion of any components which may have separated during storage.

Size: 60mL