Captiv8 Aquaculture Anticip8 Coral Tonic (Makes 1 Gallon) -

Captiv8 Aquaculture Anticip8 Coral Tonic (Makes 1 Gallon)

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Reef Blueprint Anticip8 Coral Tonic.
Creates a tonic bath for scleractinian corals maintained in recirculating systems with known presence of coralivorous invertebrates. Not a biocide or medication; no residue. 100% USA-sourced components. Proven success with >20,000 corals in commercial coral farms.

Anticip8 creates a tonic bath for scleractinian corals, encouraging energy production. Regular application of Anticip8 has been shown, in a sample size of over 15,000 individual farmed coral colonies maintained in U.S.-based commercial coral aquaculture facilities, to dramatically improve coral resilience and longevity when coralivorous invertebrates are evident. Application as directed does not impact invertebrates maintained in culture systems (e.g. desirable crustaceans, gastropods, echinoderms, etc.), nor does the formulation leave a residue. All components are USA-sourced. Each gallon of tonic solution is sufficient to bathe ~750 - 1,000 coral colonies, depending upon average colony size.

Keep out of reach of children and unauthorized persons. Store in a cool, dry location away from sunlight.

Unmixed product does not require refrigeration. Store tightly-sealed, in cool, dry location. Do not permit contamination of container with moisture or foreign material.

Size: Makes 1 Gallon of Coral Tonic