Brightwell Aquatics JelliPlanktos-S 250mL -

Brightwell Aquatics JelliPlanktos-S 250mL

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Amino acid fortified zooplankton suspension for planktivorous scyphozoans (true jellyfishes).
  • 5 - 300 µm amino acid-fortified zooplankton suspension for jellyfish (planktivorous scyphozoans); formulated specifically for blue blubbers.
  • Fortified with free-form essential amino acids for improved coloration and feeding responsiveness.
  • Rich in natural pigments that have been found to intensify overall coloration in consuming organisms.
  • Does not require refrigeration.
JelliPlanktōs S is a concentrated suspension of five different types of marine zooplankton and four species of marine phytoplankton, ranging in size from 5 - 300 µm and having an extremely diverse nutritional profile, rich in a number of fatty acids including the omega-3 fatty acids EPA, ARA, and DHA, as well as in carotenoid pigments, vitamins, minerals, and several important amino acids. Omega-3 fatty acids and pigments have been shown to provide tremendous benefit to the overall health and coloration, respectively, of planktivorous organisms. Additionally, the particulates are infused with a blend of free-form amino acids that encourages feeding response and improves coloration in Scyphozoans.

Does not require refrigeration, however storage in a cool, shaded area will prolong the activity of the vitamins. Refrigeration will maximize the shelf-life of the product.

Shake product well before each use. Turn protein skimmer and other forms of mechanical filtration off prior to adding food suspensions to aquaria, and allow 10 - 15 minutes after feeding before resuming operation of filtration.

Monitor nutrient levels in aquarium system during periods of use. This is a food, and overdosing (excess of nutrient input to the aquarium relative to the filtration potential at that time) will result in increased nutrient concentrations, which may have a negative impact on aquarium inhabitants.

Add up to 5 ml per 50 US-gallons (189 L) of water in the entire aquarium system in an area of rapid water movement daily for the first four weeks of use; thereafter, the dosage may be increased as to match the rate of nutrient uptake that the system exhibits. Beginning with a low dosage and gradually increasing it with time will allow the biological filtration in the aquarium to adjust to the increase in nutrients, and helps discourage water quality from deteriorating.

Guaranteed Analysis:
Moisture (max) 91.00%, crude protein (min) 5.20%, crude fat (min) 1.60%, crude fiber (min) 0.10%, ash (max) 2.10%.

Purified water, marine crustacean roe, cyclopoid copepods, phytoplankton-fortified arthropod cladocerans, adult and unhatched Brachionus sp., unhatched Artemia sp., spirulina, astaxanthin, proprietary free-form amino acids, vitamins.

Size: 250 mL