Aqueon QuietFlow 10 LED PRO Aquarium Power Filter

  • $ 31.99

Aqueon QuietFlow LED PRO Aquarium Power Filter a LED filter cartridge change indicator light that flashes when the cartridge becomes clogged with debris, providing a reminder that it's time to replace the cartridge. A great benefit of the Aqueon QuietFlow filters is the internal pump design that helps dampen noise, eliminates leaks and is self-priming, meaning it starts up automatically after cleaning or power interruptions. Higher flow rates also ensure a higher dissolved oxygen content for healthier, more active fish.

There are five total stages of filtration–mechanical, chemical, biological and an additional specialty pad–for the cleanest, clearest, healthiest water. Stage 1 – Dense floss removes particles and debris. Stage 2 – Activated carbon removes toxins, odors and discoloration. Stage 3 – Patented Bio-Holster provides surface area for beneficial bacteria that remove toxic ammonia and nitrites. Stage 4 – Bio-Media grid supports additional beneficial bacteria establishment while adding more oxygen. It also reduces splashing making the return exceptionally quiet. Stage 5 – Specialty filter pad option for additional carbon, ammonia reducer or phosphate remover.

All filters use Aqueon Replacement Filter Cartridges and Aqueon Specialty Filter Pads. QuietFlow LED Pro 10 – Medium cartridge. QuietFlow LED Pro 20, 30 and 50 – Large cartridge. QuietFlow LED Pro 75 – two Large cartridges. Change filter cartridge every 4 weeks for best results.
  • LED indicator light flashes when water cannot pass through the cartridge, generally indicating it's time to change the cartridge.
  • Self-priming filter pump will auto-start initially or restart if power is interrupted and restored.
  • Provides mechanical, chemical, biological and optional, additional specialty pad filtration.
  • High flow rates for optimal dissolved oxygen content to promote healthier, more active fish.
  • Internal pump design helps dampen noise and eliminate leaks with self-priming feature.
  • Do not clean Bioholster when replacing the cartridge as it contains beneficial biological bacteria.
Model: QuietFlow 10 (for aquariums up to 20 gallons)