Aqueon Goldfish Granules 3 oz

  • $ 8.99

Daily nutrition for all goldfish and other pond fish. Slow-sinking granules.

Aqueon Goldfish Granules provide daily nutrition whether you’re feeding common goldfish, fancy orandas or koi. Granules gradually sink to the bottom of the aquarium and are sometimes preferred for fish.
  • Natural ingredients and colors with added vitamins, minerals and trace nutrients.
  • Nutritious food ingredients that fish are naturally attracted to.
  • Formulated so that fish utilize more of what they eat and create less waste.
  • Good for common goldfish, fancy Orandas or small koi.
  • Will not cloud water when fed as directed.
  • Approximate granule size 1.5mm.
  • Ideal for Comets, Fantails, Shubunkins, Orandas, Ryukins, Lionheads, Telescope Eyes, Moors, Bubble Eyes, Celestial Eyes, Pearlscales, Small Koi.
Size: 3 oz.