Aqueon Flexible LED Bubble Wand 14” Blue

  • $ 22.99

Aqueon Flexible LED Bubble Wand creates a decorative bubble curtain accented with LED lighting. The bubble wands come with suction cups that attach to the aquarium bottom and are made of flexible material that allows for shaping and bending around aquarium décor. Available in two color options: blue and multi-color. The multi-color wands automatically rotate between a variety of colors. Aqueon Flexible Bubble Wands can be powered by Aqueon Air Pumps (not included), all that is needed is tubing!
  • Energy efficient LED lights.
  • Flexible wands shape and bend around decor.
  • Includes suction cups that secure wand to aquarium.
  • Durable air stone for efficient bubble production.
  • Two-piece 10 ft. power cord.
LED Color: Blue