American Marine Pinpoint Co2 Regulator Solenoid Kit -

American Marine Pinpoint Co2 Regulator Solenoid Kit

  • $ 144.99

The PINPOINT CO2 Regulator is now available. This is a high end regulator & solenoid engineered specifically for the aquarium hobby at an affordable price.

This is an excellent Regulator and Solenoid for any hobbyist who is automating a calcium reactor or setting up a freshwater planted aquarium. Very quiet, reliable, non-stick operation. Precise needle valve to dispense exactly the flow desired. The PINPOINT CO2 Regulator Solenoid is the Cadillac of regulators.
  • Will fit standard or paintball CO2 bottle (adapter is included).
  • CO2 regulator gauge shows remaining bottle volume/pressure.
  • Output pressure is automatically set to 40 psi +/- 3.
  • LED indicator light to show energized solenoid.
  • Precision adjustable micro control valve.
  • 120 VAC North America.
PINPOINT CO2 Regulator includes:
  • Electronic Non-stick Solenoid.
  • Glass Bubble Counter.
  • Silicone Tubing 20 feet (6 meters).
  • Adjustment Screwdriver.